Raw Power

Raw Power

The nutritional benefits of freeze-dried meat

As a component of a healthy and balanced diet, raw meat has numerous benefits for canine health. For one thing, it’s easily digestible and contains tons of naturally-occurring goodness. For another, dogs find raw meat highly palatable (just put it next to some dry, processed tucker and see which gets gobbled first!)  And what’s more, the benefits of fresh raw meat can be preserved by freeze-drying it. 

We humans need to make careful calculations to ensure our faithful companions consume a balanced diet. The choices we make can have a huge effect on their health and happiness.

Retaining 97% of its original nutritional value, freeze dried dog food is technically raw. However, with up to 99% of moisture removed, it is also lightweight, blood-free and minimally processed – there are no additives, preservatives or fillers added. Here’s how freeze-dried meat earns its nutritional ticks…

It’s low in calories

Just like humans, carrying excess weight can cause health issues in companion animals. In fact, pet obesity is fast becoming an primary area of concern for animal professionals. A 2019 survey of veterinarians reported that 73% said obesity was “one of the most prevalent conditions”. It is believed that as much as half of pet dogs carry excess body weight.

It can be hard for dog owners to easily see the impact of their food choices. Processed treats may be coated in oils and contain additives and fillers. That means they are serving up calorie-laden food in small amounts, inadvertently allowing their dog to consume excess calories. 

Unlike many processed or extruded products, raw meat is free from saturated fats. This freeze-dried approach can be used for training and rewards without worrying about the hidden calories.

It’s high in protein

There’s protein…and then there’s protein. Raw meat provides the best quality source of lean protein. It’s this that dogs need to build and maintain muscle mass. Feeding a diet that keeps your dog’s body lean and muscular is the best way to support good joint health. What’s more, a tightly controlled diet will help to prolong their life and improve a dog’s overall wellbeing.

As well as being a vital source of quality protein, raw meat is high in ‘good fats’. That’s the heart-healthy, unsaturated kind (as opposed to the cheap, unhealthy fats that are often blended into processed food). These unsaturated fats in raw meat dog treats provide a good source of long term energy and they keep your dog feeling full for longer.

Organ meat is nutrient-dense

A wild carnivore’s natural diet would include organ meat as well as muscle meat. While domesticated dogs are not like wild carnivores, and exist happily on a mixed diet, there are still nutritional gains that come from feeding organ meat. Beef tripe and liver are both rich sources of vitamins and minerals and useful digestive helpers.

Beef tripe is the lining of a cow's stomach and therefore contains high amounts of probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus). This probiotic is a beneficial bacterium that competes against harmful bacteria (i.e. E. coli, listeria and salmonella). Tripe also contains digestive enzymes which facilitate the breakdown of food. The partially-digested green matter in tripe also provides pets with nutrients that would have otherwise been unavailable. 

Adding tripe and liver to a dog’s diet creates a high protein source of heart-healthy fats and fatty acids.

Beef liver contains Vitamin A which has functions supporting vision, bone growth, reproduction and immune response in dogs. It’s full of iron which is a necessary part of enzyme function and red blood cell function. Phosphorus and calcium are critical components of bone and cartilage in dogs, and the zinc in beef liver benefits the dog’s skin and coat as well as thyroid function and their immune system.

Adding tripe and liver to a dog’s diet creates a high protein source of heart-healthy fats and fatty acids. The natural essential nutrients make it a tail-wagging winner. 

It’s handy as well as healthy

In freeze dried food nearly all nutrients are maintained, making it equivalent in nutritional value to its raw state. The removal of moisture gives it a long shelf-life meaning busy dog owners can keep a steady supply on hand. Freeze-drying kills off nearly all bacteria in fresh meat, meaning dogs' tummies are kept safe. 

And, as it turns out, freeze-dried raw meat has a few side benefits for humans too: there’s no gag factor! Let’s be honest, handling raw meat is not for everyone. For slightly squeamish owners the freeze-drying process provides a no-blood alternative. 

There are traceable ingredients

Pet ownership can leave a large paw print on the environment. That's why conscious dog owners are now making more careful choices about where their pet food comes from. That means considering food miles, packaging and whether the meat comes from healthy and happy animals. 

The meat in Topflite Hound products is raised in New Zealand by trusted local suppliers. Our beef comes from grass-fed, low stress animals. Chicken is sourced from cage-free suppliers. And all meat is carefully prepared and packaged in compostable materials.

*Note: Feeding an entirely raw diet should only be undertaken with guidance from a veterinarian. Dogs require precise ratios of vitamins and minerals and an unbalanced diet may result in nutritional deficiencies and other health issues.

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