• We don’t do things by halves. It’s wholesome or nothing…

    That’s why we’re involved every step of the way ensuring our freeze-dried dog food is the best it can be.

    Unlike some, we don’t blend up ‘meat-like’ bits into nebulous nuggets. Our freeze-dried dog food is made from real meat pieces or proper whole mince.

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Nutritious goodness, from raw state to last bite.

They’re one of your closest companions.

A best mate. A loyal friend. What you feed them should both reflect and respect their love for you.

We understand the importance of the dogs in our lives and the responsibility we have to their ongoing health and happiness.

We have always worked with pet nutritionists to ensure everything is to the highest standards. Our meat is raised by trusted local suppliers.

The freeze-drying process preserves the fresh meat and ensures the natural goodness is maintained from its raw state. Retaining 97% of its original nutritional value, freeze dried dog food is technically raw. However with up to 99% of moisture removed, it is also lightweight, blood-free and minimally processed – there are no additives, preservatives or fillers added.

What this means for a dog’s food is that they’ll receive all the nutritious benefits of raw meat minus the mess and fuss of its original form. The original taste remains and, if you’d like to rehydrate the food, the texture too. So you can take it anywhere, be it out on walks, on the road, at the beach, or simply lazing around in the backyard with your best buddy.

In 1974 the first crops were planted at Rosedale Farm in Oamaru. Back then the Mitchell and Webster families worked together to raise the sunflowers high, harvesting their seeds and other important crops from local farms.

Over the decades the families’ approach to nurturing nature has remained the same. We’ve expanded our range to provide for more of our favourite animals, always unwavering in our dedication to the tastiest feed with the highest nutritional outcomes.

In 2022 that commitment took an exciting new path with the arrival of our Hound range. This wasn’t a move we took lightly. It was important we could call on food producers with the highest standards – those who share our ethos for unadulterated quality. We needed to ensure the raw meat was essentially unprocessed with no additives, preservatives or fillers added.

It is this ‘get out of the way of nature’s good work’ approach that is so important to our bird and pet food – and it’s non-negotiable at Topflite Hound. So we worked out our cuts and developed our initial test range. Plenty of happy-panting, tail-wagging research followed.

While Topflite has changed over the years, our roots remain as strong as ever. Our connection to the land is enduring. Our commitment to the food unwavering. The two families still work around the farm and now, with the next generation stepping up, we’re bounding ahead.

Their unconditional love

Unconditional love deserves unquestionable quality. A good balanced diet, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, ensures dogs can live a fulfilling life, with all the bounding, leaping and laughing this entails. Your best friends give so much. We think they should receive the best in return.